Low-code applications
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Microsoft Power platform enables businesses to build user-friendly, scalable and secure applications quickly, significantly reducing our clients' costs and increasing ROI. Most importantly, low-code allows businesses to build and support apps with little to no help from external developers.

With expert knowledge of the Microsoft Platform, Genolis team leverages Office 365, SharePoint, Power Platform, and Microsoft Azure to help to build such cost-effective modern applications for our clients

Genolis sees a great future in Microsoft low-code platform because it enables us to build applications to the smallest of budgets and utilise the Microsoft ecosystem most businesses already use.
Our low-code development
services in detail
A renowned Microsoft development platform expert, Genolis can help turn any low-code application into robust enterprise systems powered by Microsoft . We can deliver a full-scale solution or help your internal team to navigate the ecosystem, or to deal with more challenging parts of the implementation.
Contact our team for:

Build a new App
Help to architecture the entire solution
Explain various licencing models
Configure Microsoft environment for secure and scalable use
Deliver the entire or just a coding part of low-code project if required
Integrate new applications with other systems used in business
Build new apps
We help our clients flesh out effective and reliable software solutions for their most pressing business needs. With the entire array of low-code tools offered by the Microsoft Power platform at hand, we deliver modern applications in a very short period and low cost for the business
Help to architecture the entire solution
We will help your team navigate the vast number of features the Microsoft platform offers. Our expert knowledge and vast experience will help to choose the right architecture to ensure application security, scalability and maintainability.
Help to choose appropriate licencing models
Microsoft product licencing is a complex system. Choosing the correct one could be a challenge. Incorrect understanding of internal and external user licencing, information sharing and deployment models could result in failed projects. Our knowledge and experience in the area will help to reduce surprises.
Configure Microsoft environment for secure and scalable use
To be the most effective Microsoft-based low-code project could include an array of other Microsoft products and offerings. It could consist of Azure cloud, SharePoint, Office365 etc. We will guide your team to help to configure different products to ensure the best outcome for the business.
Deliver the entire or just a coding part of low-code project if required
Low-code platform aims to enable people with no programming skills to put together a real live app. In some cases, this will work, saving initial costs and time. However, the no-code platform has its limitations:
Rigid templates mean app customization and flexibility could be limited.
Security can be a concern if the no-code platform becomes vulnerable
App builders without professional development experience could overlook important user experience considerations
We use our .Net, Sharepoint, SQL Server or React skills to fill the gaps and overcome the limitations of the platform
Integrate new applications with other systems used in business
In the business world, applications should be able to communicate with other software in the business or externally. It could be some ERP system on-premises or cloud-based SAAS. We would use integration experience with API and ETL packages to ensure all information is kept in sync and no double handling is occurring
What low-code applications can be build
We use tried-and-tested components and libraries to build the cores of our applications and complement them with bleeding-edge Azure cloud services to enable AI/ML, IoT and big data analytics. Our development services span a variety of innovative fields that are steadily gaining market traction on a global scale.

Customer experience apps

Today, customers expect easy-to-use and well-functioning mobile apps that enable self-service and customer interaction.

Line of business apps

With a low-code platform, you can easily migrate outdated apps and simplify process automation.

Employee engagement apps

Measure team engagement, track employee satisfaction, and gain insights that empower your organization to improve workplace experience.

Productivity apps

Genolis helps build and deploy end-to-end IoT management solutions with advanced provisioning, management and monitoring capabilities for thousands of connected devices. From smart individual wearables to vast arrays of industrial sensors installed at mines, oil rigs and hazardous manufacturing sites, we cover the entire range of engineering services for designing and launching such systems.

Employee management apps

Enable centralized schedule management, payroll and benefits administration, and workplace communications.

Our diverse Microsoft technology stack
Our clients’ success stories
Take a few minutes to check out some of our latest Low Code applications delivered to clients in Australia and abroad.
Starting your Microsoft project with Genolis
Getting started with us is easy. Even if you aren’t 100% sure about the choice of the right Microsoft services and tools for your project, we’ll help by providing thoughtful recommendations and examples based on our experience. And when the work commences, we’ll be there for you at every step of the way.
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