.NET development
services from Genolis
Our team of .NET developers and software architects leverages the immense power and broad capabilities of the .NET platform to build cutting-edge business applications and web services. With dozens upon dozens of complex business solutions delivered to date, we are equally skilled in developing highly specialized, niche tools and more general, multi-purpose systems.

Whether it’s a brand-new, cloud-native business application or an older .NET app being revamped for the cloud, Genolis will be able to provide a wealth of first-hand experience and deep domain expertise for every business case.
Our .NET development
services in detail
A renowned .NET development company, Genolis skillfully applies its solid practical experience in software consulting and development to build robust enterprise systems powered by .NET, a leading software engineering ecosystem from Microsoft.

Our development services help businesses take full advantage of modern cloud technologies, provide round-the-clock access to their data and products, streamline day-to-day operations, reduce overheads and unlock a plethora of business opportunities that were previously blocked by poorly-designed or obsolete software.
Build new apps
We help our clients flesh out effective and reliable software solutions for their most pressing business needs. With the entire array of state-of-the-art tools offered by the .NET platform at hand, we build applications with a long life cycle, low maintenance costs, outstanding scalability and lighting-fast performance thanks to Azure and its elastic cloud environment.
Migrate legacy apps
We breathe new life into aging software confined to the limits or corporate networks and effectively port it to the cloud, unlocking a myriad of new enhancement and cost-saving opportunities. This is achieved by deeply refactoring or rewriting the code and rebuilding the often monolithic architecture into a modern, microservice-based form that works best with the cloud.
We expand the functionality of business solutions and break their ties with a singular database by seamlessly integrating them with various sources of data and third-party solutions. As a result, our clients enjoy the increased capabilities of their familiar software combined with considerable savings from the reduction of manual or semi-automated data entry efforts.
Add mobility
We add another dimension to enterprise software by developing convenient, user-friendly and secure mobile applications for all major platforms using Xamarin. This cross-platform technology enables us to share most of an application’s .NET codebase between its different versions, thus reducing the development time and increasing the app’s quality.
.NET expertise in a variety of fields
We use tried-and-tested components and libraries to build the cores of our applications and complement them with bleeding-edge Azure cloud services to enable AI/ML, IoT and big data analytics. Our development services span a variety of innovative fields that are steadily gaining market traction on a global scale.


We build .NET applications compatible with all major cloud platforms, including Azure and AWS, and leverage their impressive arrays of proprietary tools to add unique features driven by the hottest tech on the market. If needed, we adapt our apps for non-conventional deployment models, such as hybrid or secure private clouds, and create reliable CI/CD pipelines for fast and hassle-free deployment of new features.

Business process automation

We use ready-made .NET components and build our own to define and automate business processes of any complexity. At the same time, we give end-users the flexibility they need to make workflow adjustments as their business models evolve and mature. Our BPM/BPA solutions enable companies to dramatically improve the performance of their critical processes and reduce the rate and impact of human errors.


Genolis helps build and deploy end-to-end IoT management solutions with advanced provisioning, management and monitoring capabilities for thousands of connected devices. From smart individual wearables to vast arrays of industrial sensors installed at mines, oil rigs and hazardous manufacturing sites, we cover the entire range of engineering services for designing and launching such systems.

Sharepoint and Office 365

Our diverse SharePoint and Office 365 experience makes us a vendor of choice for building custom applications powered by SharePoint Online/Server and meticulously tailored to our clients’ needs. And when it comes to keeping customizations intact after major updates, we have it covered, too — all our custom components use APIs and non-intrusive integration techniques where possible to keep compatibility issues at bay.

Our diverse .NET technology stack
Our .NET development services rest on several key technologies and the majority of our engineers hold individual certifications in one or more .NET disciplines. As a .NET development company, Genolis proudly holds the title of a Microsoft Silver Partner.
Starting your .NET project with Genolis
Getting started with us is easy. Even if you aren’t 100% sure about the choice of the right .NET services and tools for your project, we’ll help by providing thoughtful recommendations and examples based on our experience. And when the work commences, we’ll be there for you at every step of the way.
Contact us today and you’ll be hearing from us very shortly. We are eager to meet you and take on a new challenge!
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