Web portal development
services from Genolis
With multiple completed portal projects under our belt, we know the do’s and don’ts of designing and building portals that deliver value to customers and serve as powerful marketing and sales tools for their owners.

Our team of experts combines its multi-year experience in developing complex custom IT systems with a profound knowledge of software engineering best practices. On top of that, our ability to hear the voice of the customer translates into predictable project outcomes and an impressive expectations/reality ratio.
Web portal development services for
enterprises and startups
We help companies with a growing online presence to enable fast and easy access to their products and services by building
functional and scalable portals of various types. By merging powerful content management tools with business-specific
features, they allow our clients to be connected with customers, partners and employees at all times.
Genolis offers a slew of portal development services: B2B portal development, B2C portal development, internal/intranet and public portal development, and other relevant services that help businesses bring all of their valuable content and products under a single umbrella that grows along with their business.
Our web portal development company assists companies in Australia and beyond to effectively bridge gaps between relatively siloed enterprise portals and a variety of online services, data sources, and business automation tools, thus unlocking virtually limitless expansion capabilities for your key online resource.
We assist our clients in revamping their enterprise portals and breathing new life into them when it becomes apparent that the fulfillment of their business goals is blocked by an outdated and unscalable solution. In this case, our experts propose a multi-step plan of modernization aligned with the client’s budget and needs.
Web portal development
for every business case

Customer portals

Customer-facing portals with powerful content management capabilities, mixed content types, advanced content personalization features, and configurable user profiles granting access to a variety of self-service tools.

Internal portals

Cloud-based or on-prem portals designed and developed specifically for company employees and offering advanced security features and permission-based access to various portal materials.

Vendor portals

Portals intended for facilitating and deeply automating two-way interactions with vendors and suppliers: bid/proposal and order management, invoicing, progress tracking, customizable reporting tools.

B2B portals

Web portals with a high degree of adaptation to business-to-business engagement models, bulk sales, and presentation of product information in ways that substantially differ from B2C and other popular portal types.

What makes Genolis a
great web portal development company
Genolis offers over two decades of non-stop commercial custom software development and is capable of handling web portal development projects of any scale. With the majority of our team members holding professional certifications from leading cloud service providers, technology pioneers and trusted software engineering communities, we are always ready to propose a solid action plan based on the industry’s best practices and our own vision of the situation.
Competence and attention to
what really matters
When designing web portals for our clients, we focus on the most important
aspects of the future solution that must be implemented from the get-go.

Ease of managing content

One of the most important aspects of any B2B or B2C portal is the ease of editing and managing its diverse content and structure by regular users with the right tools. We build portals that can be 100% effectively orchestrated by the editorial staff.

Top-notch user experience

A well-made portal makes users view it as a single source of truth about a company and a one-stop-shop for its services. For this reason, Genolis places special emphasis on the UX/UI qualities of every portal it builds for its clients.

High maintainability

High-quality, easy-to-maintain code and proper documentation ensure that your portal can be supported even by an extremely small team without having to make substantial investments in the long run. Faster and more efficient site audits come as a free perk.

Access from any device

A modern service portal is useless without advanced mobility options. We build portals with adaptive responsive designs that guarantee the same level of comfort and full accessibility on any mobile devices, in any browsers and operating systems.

Data security

Enterprise portals may contain a great deal of sensitive information, which is why we build our portals with data security in mind and implement such security measures as multi-factor user authentication and strong end-to-end data encryption at all levels.

Hassle-free integration

All our web portals have a modern modular structure and can be equipped with functional APIs that dramatically facilitate data exchange with third-party services and integration with any enterprise systems currently existing in the client’s environment.

Many shades of portal development
Portals are used in nearly every industry and by virtually every company in the public space. Genolis develops
various types of portals that may differ by their primary function and features, but share the same core principles and
help users navigate to the necessary content or online tools quickly and effortlessly.
Educational portals
eLearning portals can be standalone web services or internal corporate portals offering a variety of convenient tools for employee certification, continuing education, and media-rich online courses.
From general-profile medical portals offering healthcare guidance and services to the general public or enterprise users to specialized internal solutions for testing/vaccination tracking and insurance management.
Media content portals
A popular type of portal that aggregates large volumes of content in multiple categories. Equipped with powerful search and personalization tools, they provide users with quick access to engaging content.
Self-service portals
Functional portals that offer users a variety of forms, controls and tools for fulfilling particular tasks completely on their own. These portals come with advanced UI elements and robust backends.
eCommerce portals
This popular type of portals combines elements of media content portals with a wide variety of eCommerce features: inventory management tools, searchable catalogs, product navigation, and many more.
HR portals
Specialized portals for large human resources and corporate recruitment teams, as well as job seekers. Key features: candidate and CV management tools, CV submission forms, vacancy publishing mechanisms.
Examples of our web portal development projects
Take some time to learn a few things about our most successful portal engineering projects:
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