Custom CRM development from Genolis
We leverage our profound experience in enterprise software development and complex business analysis to build intuitive, easy-to-use customer relationship systems for companies of any scale coming from a variety of industries.

Our CRM implementations enable companies to transform the old ways of engaging customers and nurturing business opportunities, create personalized customer experiences and dramatically improve conversion rates at every stage of the sales funnel.
Custom CRM development at its best
Whether you are a startup looking to build a CRM that is ideally tailored to the unique needs of your business or an established company planning a revamp of the old CRM solution, Genolis will help you get the job done.

Our multi-year experience in mapping our clients’ business requirements to the functional capabilities and architecture of various software solutions allows us to develop new or customize existing CRM products that are fast, lightweight and require minimal onboarding efforts.

Custom CRM development

We design and build lean, streamlined CRM systems that address the specific nuances of our clients’ business models and allow for maximum effectiveness of day-to-day operations. With no unnecessary clutter on the screen and a set of easy-to-follow workflows in front of them, staff members get more things done in less time.

CRM migration and integration

We help clients migrate from older CRM systems or other software to modern on-prem or cloud CRM solutions while ensuring the integrity of their historical data and its proper mapping to the new environment. We also extend the functionality of CRM systems by integrating them with all kinds of data sources and online services.

CRM consulting

With multiple CRM development projects delivered to our clients over the years, we know everything there is to know about CRMs and their strengths and weaknesses. No matter how unusual your needs and wants may be, we will be able to advise you on the optimal approach to choosing and modifying a CRM product for maximum impact and ROI.

CRM customization

We tailor off-the-shelf CRM products to the specific needs of our clients by properly configuring them and developing custom forms and components to cover non-standard functional requirements. Our extensive custom CRM development expertise enables us to implement CRM customizations of any level of complexity and scale.

Our CRM software development practice empowers our clients with robust decision-making tools based on the actual state of things in every department. In addition, we help implement smart, AI-driven automation mechanisms for key workflows that keep your staff on top of data changes and forecast adjustments and help take meaningful steps towards closing deals faster.
Purpose-driven CRM
development services
Genolis modifies out-of-the-box versions or commercial CRM systems or develops custom CRMs to create specialized solutions adapted for particular industries or areas of application.


Lead management is arguably the most important function of any CRM. We help bring this functionality to the forefront and subject everything else to serving this purpose with deep process automation, alerts, and detailed lead processing at every stage.


Genolis has a lot to offer in terms of data processing, business analysis and reporting. We tap into layers of customer data to apply predictive algorithms and generate realistic trend predictions and financial forecasts, all visualized for ease of viewing.


CRMs are widely used for managing marketing campaigns. Genolis maximizes the effectiveness of built-in tools or integrates CRM systems with leading marketing automation tools to ensure wide outreach and skyrocketing user engagement.

Order management

We customize our clients’ CRM systems to enable fast and easy shipment tracking and order monitoring. This is achieved by integrating with ERP solutions, warehouse management systems and third-party shipment tracking services for one-click order status checks.

Customer service

We help boost customer loyalty by equipping businesses with state-of-the-art customer service tools that are tightly integrated with a slew of other tools. With end-to-end visibility, support requests can be seen and processed by all relevant staff members.


We turn CRM systems into convenient, collaborative workspaces with clearly defined areas of responsibility where various roles can effectively fulfill their goals without hampering others’ activities while reducing operational delays and avoiding conflicts.

CRM consulting for any business case
Building a CRM from scratch or performing a deep customization of a commercial CRM system is a complex analytical and technical task that requires active involvement of business stakeholders and the CRM development partner.

We take pride in being a CRM development company that fully commits to the cause from day one and relies on its multi-years expertise to work out a unique approach to solving the client’s problem. We offer valuable recommendations on the choice between a custom CRM solution and a commercial alternative, highlight the pros and cons of each option and help prioritize the backlog depending on the client’s situation.
What makes Genolis a
reliable CRM
development partner
Genolis offers a wealth of experience in commercial software development with a strong focus on complex business solutions and cross-system integration. Our technology stack
  • A certified Microsoft and AWS partner, Genolis works with all popular CRM systems, from niche products for the SMB segment to powerful enterprise-grade solutions from market leaders. In terms of languages and frameworks, we work with all mainstream back- and front-end technologies that may be required for custom CRM development, customization and integration with third-party solutions.
Our background
  • With over 20 years of successful work on the Australian and international markets, we offer a mature, knowledge-driven approach to software engineering. Our historical focus on enterprise-grade solutions and business tools makes us a vendor of choice for building CRM solutions of any complexity, especially for industries that require non-trivial functionalities and a creative approach to overcoming challenges.
Let Genolis help revamp your customer relationships
You may be completely unaware of this, but you may already be losing traction with your customers. Insufficient lead nurturing, lost connections, outdated contact nformation, disappointingly low conversion rates
are some of the key markers of something going wrong.

Give your customer relationship a fresh start by leveraging modern CRM technologies and tuning in onto your customers’ frequency. Genolis will provide professional recommendations and offer a variety of custom CRM development options to choose from.
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