Database design
& App development
We offer web, desktop, mobile and cloud-based business database software development using cutting edge technologies and best practices, with a particular emphasis on secure and scalable solutions
Our database development
services at a glance
We have developed databases for major Australian organisations, local government, small businesses and start-ups. Old systems, excel spreadsheets, and innovative ideas transform into robust, scalable, user-friendly business databases.
Genolis helps businesses across Australia and around the globe improve their client's satisfaction levels, increase productivity and efficiencies, provide better service delivery, and assist all stakeholders with better-informed decision-making for the present and future.

01 Cloud databases

We design and build modern, high-performance and secure cloud databases. Our databases are scalable, easy to use, and follow all the major cloud app design guidelines and best practices. Our expertise in two major cloud platforms, Microsoft Azure and Amazon and will ensure your database app delivers the best ROI

02 Web databases

Our web databases are modern simple to use browser-based applications. They build to solve complex business problems most efficiently. Web databases can be hosted on the cloud or on-premises, allowing users to access anywhere.
We are experts in developing a brand new database, migrating the existing system to the web, or taking over incomplete systems. In all cases, we partner with your business to ensure cost-effective, and long-lasting solutions are delivered

03 Mobile databases

We have great expertise in delivering mobile based databases. We build enterprise-level barcode and RFID scanning applications for various business purposes: stock control, equipment inspection, sales management and production process monitoring.

04 Database Integration

We use a variety of technologies to ensure robust communications between different systems. The integration type we develop include Point-to-Point Integration, “Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)” and Embedded Integration

05 Dashboards & Business reporting

Enabling the decision makers with easy access to real-time business information and comprehensible reports is critical to success of any organisation. By creating consistent data storage, building dashboards and allowing a “self-serve” style of data analytics, companies can respond more effectively to changing conditions, optimize core processes, and reduce IT involvement (allowing them to focus their efforts in other key areas) whilst reducing operational expenses.
We develop interactive dashboards and complex business reports using a variety of tools which includes: PowerBi, SQL Server Reporting and SAP Crystal reports

06 MS Access & Legacy systems

We develop new, upgrade and maintains existing MS Access based databases and applications.
Our team includes specialists with more than 20 years of development experience. We possess expertise in old, robust, but no longer popular technologies. Speak to us to find out if we can support your old but still well performing database

07 Secure database hosting

We advise our clients on the most suitable and cost-efficient database hosting platform, environment, and options to ensure full compliance with the intended performance characteristics and security of data.

Database technologies that we use
We support virtually all known types of databases and data storage platforms: from legacy DB systems that were popular years ago and still remain in use to the most cutting-edge cloud storage solutions that today’s high-performance online services rely on.
Programming languages
Relational databases
NoSQL databases
Dashboards & Reporting
Cloud platforms
Data warehouses
What makes us a great
team of database
GENOLIS is an Australian owned custom databases development and consulting services organisation

Operating in Australia since 2000, we transform our client’s operations by delivering high quality, competitively priced, enterprise-grade customised database solutions.
Over the years we have successfully delivered more than a hundred software solutions on different platforms across many industries, adding significant value for SME, corporate, and government organisations.
Professional database consulting services
If you are primarily interested in getting a professional opinion and recommendations from a reliable team of database developers, we are ready to help. Whether you are just planning a database implementation project or want to check the quality of an existing database solution, here is what we can do for you:
Existing solutions:
Perform a deep technical audit of the database structure
Identify database security vulnerabilities and performance bottlenecks
Analyze the code quality and maintainability
Propose code refactoring scenarios along with a rough cost and timeline
Assess the complexity of database migration
Propose a balanced combination of database development services
New projects:
Define the requirements and key business cases
Outline the functionality of the database solution and its tech stack
Roughly estimate the cost of the solution and its projected ROI
Produce a high-level architecture design with a focus on performance, scalability, and security
Deliver preliminary UI/UX mock-ups and prototypes
Present the overall delivery approach, cost structure, and timeline
Our database consulting services have helped dozens of enterprise clients
change their approach to planning their projects and saved them ample
amounts of money that would otherwise have been spent on irrelevant activities
and excessive functionalities.
Let us get your data in order
Interested in a massive overhaul of your old database system that is showing signs of aging?

Looking for the right team of database developers to implement a data management project that’s been a long time coming?
We’ll help.
Please contact us today to start a conversation and we will guide you through every step of the way.
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