Custom ERP development
services from Genolis
Our team of experienced software engineers leverages its multi-year experience in working with large enterprise clients and complex, intertwined business processes to architect, build and implement extremely reliable and scalable ERP solutions for all industries.

Our profound understanding of immediate and long-term business priorities, business goals and values makes us a vendor of choice for non-trivial ERP development projects requiring a creative approach to tackling issues and taking a deep dive into the specifics of the client’s business.
Enterprise-grade custom ERP
Whether you are a startup looking to build a ERP that is ideally tailored to the unique needs of your business or an established company planning a revamp of the old ERP solution, Genolis will help you get the job done.

Our multi-year experience in mapping our clients’ business requirements to the functional capabilities and architecture of various software solutions allows us to develop new or customise existing ERP products that are fast, lightweight and require minimal onboarding efforts.

ERP consulting

We thoroughly analyse our clients’ business pains and software environment to produce a set of recommendations and a roadmap for a cost-effective, iterative ERP implementation. We also help decide between an off-the-shelf solution with the necessary characteristics or a fully custom ERP system addressing the client’s unique requirements.

Custom ERP development

Genolis develops bespoke ERP solutions meeting the needs of specific companies with surgical accuracy while remaining lightweight, manageable and easy to implement across all departments and business units. Our ERP architectures are flexible, scalable and can be easily augmented with new workflows and essential features.

ERP customization and integration

Our custom ERP development practice is not limited to building ERP software from scratch. In many cases, existing commercial solutions can be configured and customized to a point where they fully satisfy our clients’ needs. We also help to seamlessly integrate existing ERP solutions with other internal and external services and data sources.

Maintenance and support

As an ERP software development company with a solid reputation on the market, we offer a full range of post-delivery services and stay with our clients for as long as they need us to keep their software environment healthy and patched, apply hotfixes, deal with integration issues, and add new product features that may be required as their business grows and diversifies.

Professional cloud development consulting
Our ERP system development capabilities span a number of application types, each tailored to a particular function within an organization. And since no two organizations are identical, we work hard with stakeholders on the client side to capture the most minute nuances of their business processes.

Supply chain management

These ERP systems are tailored for monitoring multiple supply chains, managing product and service orders, keeping track of shipments and ensuring a steady flow of parts and materials into production departments.

Human resource management

A special type of ERP, this one focuses on managing the most valuable resource of all — employees. From recruiting and onboarding newcomers to measuring their performance throughout their career, these systems help the corporate HR stay on top of things at all times.

Inventory management

With a strong focus on inventory monitoring and management, this type of ERP systems allows managers to quickly assess current stock levels at warehouses, identify demand trends and take proactive actions to restock supplies.

Facility management

These ERPs are created with the purpose of monitoring and managing all major aspects of modern manufacturing facilities: issues, incidents, service orders, fleet management, security checks and certifications, audits and more.

Production management

Organizations use ERPs to track the supply and utilization of parts and materials, calculate production costs, gauge productivity, manage people and equipment and generally have a clear view of the manufacturing process.

Finance management

Created for taking care of financial matters, they offer an end-to-end financial perspective of the entire company. From payroll management and invoicing to budgeting and forecasting, they offer everything necessary under a single umbrella.

Why choose Genolis for
your new ERP project
Our ability to design and build top-class ERP solutions is based on years of continuous success in a highly competitive enterprise market and our unflagging desire to become a leading player in this field.
ERP software development services from industry experts
ERP is a type of enterprise software that effectively combines a variety of models, approaches, tools and features commonly found in many other business solutions. With dozens of large systems implemented and maintained to date, we have what it takes to translate your business requirements into modules and components needed for enterprise resource planning — organized exactly the way you want it.

Our engineers are equally well-versed in all major languages and frameworks used for enterprise-grade development and follow the industry’s best practices and internal know-hows to deliver predictably positive results at every stage of the project.
Diverse service portfolio
Genolis is the only vendor you will need to conceptualize, design, build, test, deploy and maintain your next ERP solution. We handle every stage of the process, from defining and documenting requirements to writing code covered by unit test, adding comprehensive test automation and continuous delivery pipelines, deploying your system to a preconfigured environment and ensuring fast and hassle-free user onboarding.
Client success stories
Over the years, we’d had a number of successful ERP integration projects in Australia and beyond. Check out some of our case studies to get a better idea of our capabilities in the field of ERP development services.
Getting started with Genolis
If you’ve been mulling over your best option for adding a new ERP system to your suite of enterprise tools or extending the functionality of an already existing one, you’ve come to the right place.
Genolis will provide the expertise, the people, and the knowledge you will need to pick the right direction for your project. Contact us today and we will advise on your next steps.
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