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Take full advantage of our 20+ years of hands-on experience in enterprise application development and transform your enterprise software suite to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Genolis combines its deep expertise in custom software development with a strong command of all major enterprise technologies to offer its clients a one-stop-shop experience for digital transformation projects of any scale. With Genolis, you have full access to a collective mind of a team of experts coming from various engineering backgrounds and possessing an impressive software development skill set.
Enterprise software
development at its best
Start your digital transformation journey today. Our enterprise software development team offers unique experience, technical prowess, and a no-nonsense approach to planning, implementing, and supporting projects of any degree of complexity.

Custom enterprise application development

We design and develop enterprise apps, tools, and solutions that meet the highest data security standards and enable businesses to dramatically boost the performance and effectiveness of critical business flows. Built with scalability and top-notch user experience in mind, our applications help clients stay productive through periods of growth and adaptation to the ever-changing business environment.

Legacy app modernization

We help businesses execute their digital transformation strategy by assisting them at every stage of the process: from meticulous planning and implementation to long-term technical maintenance. Our enterprise software development team skillfully replicates established workflows in the cloud and automates them for higher process effectiveness and universal accessibility using best-in-class BPA platforms from leading providers of enterprise solutions.

Enterprise app integration

We help our clients to seamlessly integrate essential business tools into their existing landscape while maintaining business continuity and ensuring fast and secure data exchange. We develop functional APIs and data connectors, and use modern business integration platforms to create overarching data flows that can be easily adjusted and improved in response to additional integrations or modifications of the core applications.

Business process automation

We meticulously analyze existing business processes to identify performance bottlenecks and propose the best way of dealing with them through automation and low-level optimization. On the most basic level, we help our clients to forever replace Excel spreadsheets and clearly outdated paper forms with modern web and desktop applications that dramatically reduce processing delays and minimize the chance of human error.

Why build custom solutions
Development of a custom solution is always a viable alternative to picking an off-the-shelf product and then spending an ample amount of money on its fundamental customization and adaptation to a particular business domain or process framework.

As the result, many companies opt for custom solutions aiming to achieve the following:

Reduction of software complexity

— custom software will have just the features that you really need, tailored to the specifics of your business, and will be easier to scale as your business grows and diversifies.

Streamlined operations

— by design, custom software will provide the end-to-end coverage of your business processes that you need to achieve maximum effectiveness of your key workflows.

Securing a competitive advantage

— custom software will address your business pain points with surgical accuracy and act as a catalyst for boosting performance and minimizing losses, thus giving you a tangible edge over competitors.

Putting trending enterprise
technologies to good use
Today’s enterprise technologies span far beyond varying combinations of three-letter abbreviations like CRM, ERP, and BPM. In order to survive and thrive in a modern market, companies are forced to adopt an increasingly high amount of cutting-edge tech that helps address the most challenging business pains and gain a competitive edge.

We help such companies by offering technical consulting and software engineering services based on the hottest trends in the IT world.
Internet of Things
No longer a futuristic concept, IoT is widely used in many industries, including manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, transportation, and many more. Genolis implements enterprise IoT solutions of any scale using custom components and popular cloud-based IoT platforms to enable businesses to effectively manage their fleet of connected devices used to receive, store, and analyze data to ultimately draw valuable and actionable insights from it.
Enterprise mobility
Modern business is impossible without decentralization and round-the-clock access to data, processes, and people. We transform the way our clients interact with their clients and their employees by building functional and intuitive mobile applications for all major platforms. In addition, we help create mobile-centric business flows that focus exclusively on anytime/anywhere access to products and services for customers and field personnel.
Business intelligence
With scrupulous and continuous analysis of business data comes a much better understanding of customers’ needs, their behavioral patterns, business process bottlenecks, and the ways of improving the customer experience. Genolis works with all major analytical platforms and products to create scalable data monitoring frameworks and fully customizable reporting tools with advanced visualization features for department managers and executives.
What makes Genolis a great enterprise software development company
Genolis was founded with a focus on enterprise software development in Australia. Over the years, the company has expanded its presence and now operates globally to deliver a broad variety of services to enterprise clients, public and private companies, government agencies and startups.
Professional enterprise technology consulting
Enterprise application development always starts with a business analysis or consulting stage. At this point, we thoroughly assess the client’s IT infrastructure, business needs, and business processes to deliver a solid transformation plan aligned with the client’s timeline and financial capabilities.

Our consulting services focus on offering balanced enterprise apps and solutions geared towards minimizing CapEx, maximizing ROI, and keeping operational costs at bay.
Full-cycle enterprise software development services
Genolis covers the complete set of activities required for a project to be completed and accepted by the client. From the early ideation stage to post-delivery support and maintenance, you are in the same good hands and have the confidence of working with a stable, close-knit team of IT professionals interested in your success.
Broad technology stack
Our team is well-versed in multiple technologies for web, mobile, and desktop development. Many of our experts hold multiple certifications in their areas of expertise and undergo regular professional assessments to stay abreast of the most recent developments in the technology space.
Angular / AngularJS / ReactJS / KnockoutJS / Node.js / .Net Core / ASP.Net / Kendo UI / Rust/ Bootstrap / HTML 5 /
MSSQL / PostgreSQL / RavenBD / MongoDB / MySQL / SQLite / Oracle / MS Access
Microsoft Azure /Amazon AWS / Google Cloud
Electron/WPF / Windows forms
SharePoint And Office 365:
PowerApps / MicrosoftFlow / Cloud/On-prem
Xamarin / iOS / Android / PhoneGap / Sencha Touch
BI And reporting:
Power BI / Tableau / MS Office 365 / SSRS / SSAS / SAP Crystal reports
Client success stories
Our clients’ success stories speak louder than our own worlds, so please feel free to check out some examples of the enterprise apps that we’ve delivered to our enterprise clients over the years.
Getting started with Genolis
If your organization made a long-awaited decision to update its aging suite of enterprise tools and take a step towards enterprise mobility and cost-effective cloud solutions with advanced technology at its core, Genolis is the only enterprise software development company you will ever need.
Please feel free to reach out and one of our reps will get back to you shortly to get the conversation started.
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