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Our team has been deeply involved in enterprise software engineering and business intelligence since the company’s foundation. As the amount of data generated and processed by enterprise solutions grew over the years, the ability to effectively manage and use it in meaningful ways became mission-critical for many of our clients.

Genolis offers two decades’ worth of hands-on experience in the field of business intelligence services, including BI consulting and development of custom data processing and analysis tools of any complexity.
Business intelligence
services that drive change
By definition, business intelligence (or simply BI) is a multifaceted discipline that comprises such processes as data mining, creation of data processing pipelines with ETL operations, data analysis and, ultimately, data visualisation for the end-users.

Our business intelligence services help companies dealing with an ever-increasing flow of raw, unstructured data to get a clear, unobstructed view of their organization and its performance at many levels. One of the key characteristics of our BI practice is a strong emphasis on the ability of end-users to access BI insights on their own, using intuitive and easy-to-follow dashboards.
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With dozens of delivered BI projects in our portfolio, we are fully equipped to handle any project: from a relatively simple BI tool for a car parts dealer to massive enterprise-grade BI systems working with cloud-based data lakes and unit-specific data marts.
Overview of our BI services
The primary objective of any BI system is to help businesses become more self-aware and awaken to the challenges of the market and the limitations imposed by internal inefficiencies. With this knowledge, they can make far-reaching, data-driven decisions that result in higher revenues, shorter sales cycles, optimized supply chain operations, higher employee and customer satisfaction and an increased number of new business opportunities that may have been overlooked before.
We offer a complete range of BI consulting and implementation services required for designing and implementing custom BI frameworks. To that end, we assist them in the following:

Data mining

Extraction of useful and usable datasets from multiple sources and streams of data using statistical methods, database tools and AI algorithms.

Data preparation

Deep transformation of raw data into a normalized, structured format ready for quick ingestion into databases and BI tools for further analysis.

Data analysis

Deep analysis of the prepared data using a combination of descriptive, statistical and visual methods for detecting anomalies, trends and patterns.


Preparing and running various complex queries against databases, data marts and data lakes to extract meaningful related datasets for further use.


Comparing the current performance and quality values with historical records to evaluate progress towards set goals and the overall dynamics across the board.

Data visualization

Visualization of trends, patterns and statistics using charts and intuitive, dynamically updated dashboards providing a 360-degree data view.

Benefits of professional business intelligence services
Every BI project pursues very concrete objectives that aim to fill in the gaps in the business owners’ understanding of their current standing on the market. As a rule, our clients turn to Genolis to achieve one or more of the following goals:
Identify feasible ways of boosting revenues and increasing the profit margin
Monitor and detect market trends
Track own performance and compare it with that of the closest competitors
Conduct in-depth analysis of customer behavior
Reveal hidden business potential and optimize operations
Build accurate forecasts
Discover operational bottlenecks
Why choose Genolis for
business intelligence
Genolis is a renowned developer of enterprise applications and custom software products with a rich history on the Australian and global markets. Our in-depth understanding of the key principles of software engineering and knowledge of data management best practices makes us a vendor of choice for any BI consulting and implementation projects.
Thoughtful BI consulting services
Step 1
All clients are unique and so are their needs and business pain points. Prior to proposing an implementation plan for a BI solution, we take a deep dive into the client’s business objectives, IT infrastructure, data sources, user categories and other relevant aspects.
Step 2
Once we have obtained enough details and painted a clear picture of data inputs and outputs, we design the overall architecture of the business intelligence solution, estimate its cost and the implementation timeline.
With Genolis, you always have full visibility of your cost structure and enjoy a predictable, controllable delivery process with well-defined milestones and outcomes.
Extensive BI expertise and toolset
No matter the size of the project we are working on, we use the most reliable and powerful tools that have gained universal acknowledgement on the market and possess the flexibility we need to build and deploy complex BI solutions.
Data warehouse design
ETL and ELT process development
Data modeling and analytics
Data mining
Data visualisation and dashboards
BI system migration and upgrades
Client success stories
Dozens of major clients have chosen Genolis because of the scope of our business intelligence services and the flexibility of our engagement models. Take a few minutes to review some of our most notable projects in the BI domain:
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If you feel that you may be losing opportunities due to the lack of control over your data, it could be the right time to give our BI services a try. We will carefully assess your situation and propose a detailed plan that will place you back at the helm.
Please feel free to reach out and one of our reps will get back to you shortly to get the conversation started.
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