Experts in IoT application
Genolis leverages the impressive capabilities of leading cloud platforms and its very own multi-year experience in custom software development to deliver complex IoT solutions focused on data security, scalability and compliance with all relevant industrial standards.

We help our clients from various industries to complete their digital transformation projects faster and more cost-effectively by using tried-and-tested IoT architectures, frameworks and tools that help create and maintain thriving connected ecosystems for enterprises and consumers.
Diverse portfolio of IoT app
development services
Our IoT development services cover the entire range of R&D activities required for building and deploying IoT systems of any complexity. Thanks to our team’s diverse technical background and multi-domain expertise, we are capable of adapting typical IoT concepts to virtually any use case and coming up with innovative ways of tackling unique challenges.

Tap into our portfolio of IoT app development services to unleash the full potential of what modern IoT has to offer.
IoT consulting
We offer professional consulting services to all companies viewing IoT as their next strategic investment and a major step towards their digital transformation. Our advice and recommendations help our clients build better connected consumer products and secure enterprise IoT systems while spending less initially and relying on highly scalable deployment models for future growth.
IoT application development
Genolis boasts deep expertise in working with the most widespread hardware IoT components, protocols and cloud-based IoT provisioning and management solutions from market leaders. At the same time, we use custom components and algorithms where specific performance or security requirements dictate a need for it. With Genolis, you can be sure that your IoT development project is covered end to end.
IoT data analytics
Obtaining data from connected devices is only part of the challenge. Once captured, it needs to be converted to the right format and either sent to a web service or a database for subsequent analysis. We help build powerful ETL pipelines, distributed data storages and state-of-the-art data analytics and visualization tools for real-time, 24/7 hardware monitoring or multi-purpose big data analysis.
IoT solutions for any industry
IoT development services from Genolis address the needs of any industry that can benefit from having access to a vast array of sensors and smart devices deployed at their production and service facilities, in the field, across their fleets and among end-users.
Connected conveyors and production lines, industrial robots, environmental safety networks and personal wearables for staff members working in harsh environments — all of this can be covered by IoT devices and corresponding applications.
Healthcare is one of the major beneficiaries of IoT technologies, including medical appliances for clinical and in-house use and senior care products such as smart home components, connected insulin pumps, heart monitors and drug dispensers.
The mining industry uses IoT for continuous environment monitoring via a grid of wireless sensors and drones, tracking of the status and location of mining equipment and ensuring the safety of personnel in hazardous conditions both underground, on land and at sea.
The transportation industry relies heavily on IoT devices and applications to oversee and control supply chain and fleet management operations. IoT is also widely used at warehouses and logistic centers to locate shipments and automate loading and unloading.
We help develop intelligent farm management systems operated by cloud backends and capturing data from arrays of sensors fulfilling a variety of purposes: temperature and humidity control, soil composition analysis, fertilization and irrigation monitoring.
Facility management
Any industrial or public facility can take advantage of implementing specialized IoT components for controlling access to restricted areas, enforcing perimeter security, ongoing monitoring of production processes and environmental parameters, a well as other purposes.
What makes Genolis a great IoT development company
Our ever-expanding IoT application development expertise relies on the best practices in software engineering that are embedded in our company’s DNA and skillfully combined with bleeding-edge IoT tech available on the market today.
Our top production
In delivering IoT applications to our clients, we use several fundamental principles that define our approach to getting things done:
Ultimate data security
We focus on protecting our clients’ data from interception and corruption by offering several tiers of robust security features in all our IoT systems, from the application layer to the very core.
User experience first
We prioritize the importance of supplying complex IoT solutions with uncluttered, intuitive interfaces and optimized workflows that no end user will even have issues with.
Flawless connectivity
IoT is all about great connectivity at many levels and we do our very best to ensure that the protocols we use for M2M and H2M communications are fast, secure and reliable at all times under any conditions.
Delivering real value fast
Our primary goal in every project is not just building great IoT software, but being able to start providing tangible value to the client as quickly as possible to save time and money in the long run.
Our IoT technology stack
+ CoAP / REST / TCP/IP / Bluetoth (BLE) / WiFi / LTE
Data processing and analytics
IoT applications
Successful IoT implementations for our clients
Take a few minutes to read some of our best IoT case studies.
Kicking-off your next IoT project with Genolis
Designing and building a distributed IoT solution is a complex endeavor that requires skill and experience not just on the technology side, but also in terms of process organization and orchestration of various side activities. Genolis has all of the above and is ready to channel this expertise into your next project.
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