Cloud application
development services
from Genolis
Our team boasts a proven track record of delivering robust cloud-based solutions of any scale and type: from arrays of microservices to full-fledged, user-centric web applications and portals. We work with all major cloud platforms and cloud types, as well as a broad technology stack to develop powerful, secure backends coupled with great-looking, responsive UIs.

Our clients are growing SaaS startups, private companies, and public organizations looking to give their aging systems a dramatic overhaul and take them to the cloud or build something completely new using modern, cloud-native frameworks and tools.
End-to-end cloud application development services
Whether you are building the next big thing in the cloud, want to utilize a particularly useful cloud service, or need help rebuilding your suite of enterprise applications and moving them to the cloud, our team is here to help. We offer solid technical expertise in next-gen cloud services and are also well-versed in a variety of older technologies still used in the business world. Genolis is a one-stop shop for all of your cloud development needs.

01 Cloud app development

Leverage the immense computing potential and infinite scalability of modern cloud platforms. Enjoy the ultimate security of cloud infrastructures and the ease of resource provision when you need that extra power to maintain the same level of service delivery.

02 Cloud integrations

Satisfy your special data processing and management needs with the help of specialized cloud services. We will seamlessly integrate your cloud or on-prem solution with the right tools and save your budget by optimizing cloud resource consumption.

03 Legacy app migration

If your business software is failing to meet today’s growing demands for interoperability and performance, we can help you migrate to the cloud while preserving familiar workflows and minimizing the amount of employee training needed for the transaction.

04 Cloud app redesign and reengineering

Unlock new levels of performance and functionality by revamping your application’s architecture, embedding microservices and cloud-native databases, adding serverless computing options, and enabling new data exchange options via powerful APIs.

Our cloud development services have helped dozens of large enterprise clients completely transform their IT landscape. Take advantage of our experience and let us help you do the same and capitalize on new efficiencies and unlocked business opportunities.
Professional cloud
development consulting
In addition to providing comprehensive cloud development services, Genolis helps businesses to obtain a clearer understanding of the pros and cons of their current software landscape and the ways it can be transformed using modern cloud technologies. With this information at hand, Genolis clients can make informed decisions about IT investments and build a cost-effective roadmap of cloud migration or cloud application development.
Migrate to the cloud with confidence
We can help assess your current situation, suggest improvements, prioritize them, and put together a realistic plan of moving essential services and databases to a private, public, or hybrid cloud. As cloud development experts, we will take away the burden of solving complex technical and organizational dilemmas, leaving you to do what you do best — making your customers happy.
Control your spending and save money
Once you’ve picked a cloud platform and started using its services in full, you may notice that your savings are not as impressive as you were expecting them to be. We will help you to properly configure your cloud environment, get rid of unused services and “dormant” resources consuming your quota, and reconfigure the cloud products for maximum cost-effectiveness.
Choose the right cloud
The choice of the right cloud service provider, cloud type, and services is not an easy task by any means. With so many vendor-specific technologies and tools offered by every major cloud platform, you need a cloud app development company to guide you through this maze of options and help choose a cloud package that will be balanced and will perfectly address your needs today and in the future.
Why choose Genolis for
cloud development?
Genolis offers a wealth of cloud development services for all popular platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud. From the most basic application and database migration projects to building out brand new solutions based on serverless services and the latest AI/ML, big data, and IoT tech — Genolis has the people and experience to deliver your solution on time and within your budget.
Industries we serve
We offer deep expertise and extensive hands-on experience in a number of domain
areas and industries but historically place special emphasis on a few of them.
Implement complex IoT systems and connect them to corporate ERP systems via cloud-based IoT management hubs. Track the performance of your business using powerful BI tools.
Build feature-packed patient portals with EMR/EHC data access, connect disparate medical systems via the cloud, aggregate various medical data streams and draw insights from them.
Transport and logistics
Use the cloud to build global supply chain management solutions, fleet management systems, and functional customer portals with advanced tracking and data visualization features.
Create massive, accessible information systems serving millions of people in the 24/7 mode. Use cloud technologies to unify different sources or relevant data under a single umbrella.
Jump-start the development of your innovative solutions by leveraging the power of cloud technologies and the impressive array of tools they offer.
Connect students, parents, staff members, and other constituents of the educational process together and with third-parties via cloud-based connected campus solutions.
Getting started with Genolis

If you feel that the time has come for your business to make a quantum leap in the way it collects, processes, and manages data, offers products and services, and operates on a daily basis, Genolis will provide everything you need to make it happen.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know your thoughts and needs. We will take care of the rest and propose a solid transformation plan aligned with your budget and business pains.
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