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Database Design & App Development

Genolis offers web, desktop, mobile, database and cloud based database development services using cutting edge technologies and best practices with special emphasis on secure and scalable solutions

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We have developed databases for major Australian organisations as well as small and start up businesses. Old systems, excel spreadsheets, and innovative ideas have been turned into robust, scalable, user friendly business databases, delivering great productivity and management improvements for businesses.

We provide:

Full software lifecycle management:

Business requirements preparation

Analysing and documenting business processes, collecting user stories, prioritising features to ensure quick return on investment

Application design

Investing time in design provides confidence in the solution and reduces number of application changes during implementation

Project management

Setting up delivery milestone or sprints, start testing as features completed, receiving user feedback earlier ensures we stay on track


Well engineered software ensures long term value and maintainability of application. We use industry approved software development practices to deliver high quality software


We use a combination of manual and automated testing to ensure quality software

System Integration

New systems should work well with existing systems in the business. Our goal is to develop seamless integration between those systems. We have extensive experience integrating our solutions to accounting, ERP and other packages

Application hosting

We provide cloud hosting on different platforms as well as on-premises

Documentation preparation

Technical, support and user documentation can be provided as part of project delivery

Software support

On-demand and SLA based support agreements are available and can be tailored for customer specific needs


Kendo UI
Mongo DB
.Net Core
Node JS
Office 365
Power BI

Our team possesses expert level skills and experience in the following areas:

  • Web:Angular, React Js, Angular Js, Knockout Js, .Net Core, Node, ASP.Net, Kendo UI, Sencha/Ext, Bootstrap, HTML 5
  • Desktop:WPF, Windows forms
  • Mobile:Xamarin, iOS, Android, PhoneGap, Sencha Touch
  • Databases:Ms SQL Server, Raven Db, Mongo Db, MySql, SqlLite, Oracle, Ms Access
  • Cloud:Windows Azure, AWS
  • BI and Reporting:Power BI, Tableau, MS Office 365, SSRS, SSAS, SAP Crystal reports
  • SharePoint and Office 365 PowerApps, MicrosoftFlow, Online/On-premises

We build web mobile and desktop application based on diffrent types of databases:

  1. Realtional databases (RDMS) -Sql Servel, MySql, Oracle,SqlLite,Progress
  2. Document/NoSql databases -MongoDB, RavenDB
  3. Cloud based databases -Windows Asure, AWS
  4. Data warehouses -SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
  1. Requirements - at the beginning of each project we need to understand the requirements. There are a number of scenarios:
    • Requirements prepared by client - we will carefully examine and suggest high level road map and initial estimates
    • Client has identified the need for software , but not sure where to start – in this case we will email our requirements gathering tool which will guide the client in requirements preparation
    • We provide requirements gathering as part of the project
  2. Initial Estimation -upon analysing requirements we will provide high level (ball park estimate)
  3. Detailed proposal – once high level estimate are accepted by client we will prepare detailed proposal with accurate cost estimates
  4. Project Management – we allocate project management on each of our projects. Project management methodology will be tailored for each individual project and client requirements
  5. Design – before we start any project, we work on high level design to ensure solution meets our client needs
  6. Implementation – we use agile approach to deliver our software. This means software functionality is delivered in short stages and our clients have ability to view, test, comment and can begin to use the system before whole project is delivered.
  7. Testing – all our projects are tested internally before delivery. We use combination of automated and manual testing. User acceptance testing usually performed by the client
  8. Delivery – once all functionality has been delivered and accepted by the client we will provide hosting or installation services to ensure system is fully available for use
  9. Support – variety of support arrangements can be negotiated to suit our customer requirements


  • Caped (preferred) – this arrangement allows to set budget limit to the project. During lifecycle of the project each new feature is prioritised to ensure those with most benefits delivered first and other with less value (nice to haves) are left to the end and can be included if budget will allow.
  • Fixed price – providing project scope is clearly defined - we will provide a fixed price services This arrangement is straight forward and looks more attractive from budget prospective, but from software development perspective it not always delivers best possible results
  • Time and materials – when project scope is not clear or client prefers project to be under their own project management then time and material is an option This arrangement allows best flexibility and client’s control on deliverables and technology decisions

Digital information storage has allowed companies to grow and flourish in the age when information is often the most important asset a business processes. If information is not stored efficiently, it can slow your business and hinder your ability to serve customers in a timely fashion. Good database design is essential to ensure the information is safe and accessible, to allow for growth and provide flexibility to fulfill your needs for years to come.

The services we provide include:

  • New database design
  • Existing database design review
  • Database administration
  • Performance tuning
  • Replication, LogShipping, DatabaseMirroring
  • Setup of database maintenance procedures
  • Secure database hosting
  • ETL
  • Evaluation of hardware configuration, as well as equipment implementation needed for working with Enterprise-level DB

As part of our offerings to our customers, Genolis provides Application Hosting services. The advantages of Application Hosting:

  • Reduced ownership costs
  • Security - all data lives in our locked down Datacenter
  • Safety - all data is backed up every four hours and replicated offsite nightly
  • No servers to purchase - less electricity, less noise, less cooling, less cost
  • Scalability and flexibility - pay for what you use escaping large capital expenditures

Genolis Application Management service includes:

  • Managing hardware requirements
  • 24 x 7 application monitoring with Email and SMS alerts
  • Managed backup
  • Daily backups of the entire system with a 14 day retention period
  • Ability to restore the entire system container should any issues arise
  • Extended support
  • Proactive support
  • System patching and updates


This is what our clients say

To supplement a small it team i need to be able to scale up resources quickly and efficiently with highly skilled and dedicated professionals.

The genolis team has enabled colmar brunton to do this for a number of important projects.

-Tony Psaila Director of Technical Services
Colmar Brunton

During design and construction of irrigation meters on over 3,000 individual sites scattered throughout rural Victoria, we were faced with a number of challenges:

standardising design criteria for individual sites, keeping track of all stages of the design process, and allowing simultaneous access to the data by multiple users while maintaining security and integrity of the data. We turned to Genolis to develop a single database that would meet all of these requirements. Genolis provided a complete solution in record time and without interruptions to the on-going design process, enabling us to deliver a successful project for the stakeholders.

Max Bouga Delivery Manager
FutureFlow Alliance

Over the years I have used Genolis team for a number of important projects.

These guys always delivered high quality and consistent service. They have worked within the requirements and timeframes. Excellent team of professionals. Look forward to working with them on future projects.

P.Allitt Business Systems Consultant
Boxhill TAFE