Streamline OHS Reporting with a Custom-Built Solution: How to Empower Miners and Site Operators to Better Meet Their OHS Obligations.

Streamline OHS Reporting with a Custom-Built Solution: How to Empower Miners and Site Operators to Better Meet Their OHS Obligations.

The Challenge:

Increasing demand for meticulous record-keeping and quarterly reporting of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) incidents are a key part of a mine operators’ legislative obligations.

Many mines rely on outdated methods like spreadsheets or legacy software to fulfil their obligations, causing major headaches such as:

Error-Prone Data Entry: Manually entering data into spreadsheets is tedious and prone to errors.

Time-Consuming Reporting: Compiling reports every quarter becomes a struggle, wasting valuable time and resources.

Inconsistent and Unreliable Data: Complex formulas in spreadsheets can lead to inconsistencies and mistakes in your OHS data.

Data Loss Risk: Spreadsheets offer minimal protection against accidental deletion or file corruption, jeopardizing crucial OHS records.

It’s clear: that many miners need a modern solution built for the specific needs of the mining sector as a whole and their own business.

Why Go Custom? Off-the-Shelf Solutions Don’t Cut It:

Generic OHS recording software might seem like a quick fix, but it often falls short:

One-Size-Fits-All Approach: These solutions are designed for a broad audience and may not cater to your specific mining operation’s unique needs.

Feature Overload: Off-the-shelf software can be cluttered with features you don’t need, making it difficult to navigate the functions you use daily.

Limited Customization: You’re stuck with the software’s preset features. Custom solutions allow you to add functionalities and adapt them to your specific workflows as your needs evolve.

The Power of Custom-Built OHS Software:

Forget generic solutions! Custom OHS recording software offers a powerful, tailored solution:

Perfect Fit for Your Workflows: Unlike generic software, custom solutions can be built to seamlessly integrate with your existing mining management systems and cater to your specific incident types and reporting formats.

Effortless Data Entry: Record incident details directly into the software, eliminating tedious manual entry and reducing errors.

Actionable Insights: Assign corrective actions to incidents, track their progress, and ensure timely resolution.

Automated Reporting: Generate pre-formatted reports that meet regulatory requirements with a single click. No more scrambling to meet deadlines.

Unmatched Efficiency: Free yourself from data manipulation and time-consuming reports. Custom software automates these tasks, saving valuable time and resources.

A Real-World Example:

Genolis developed a custom OHS Risk Reporting Register for a leading gold mine in Australia. This software:

Streamlined incident recording, action assignment, and progress tracking.

Ensured secure data storage and a historical record of incidents and resolutions.

Significantly reduced the time needed to prepare reports, allowing the mine to focus on core operation


Meeting the New Regulations with Confidence:

The recent changes in legislation make custom OHS recording software an essential tool. By automating tasks, improving data accuracy, and simplifying reporting, you can confidently meet your obligations under the new regulations.

Invest in Your Mine’s Safety and Efficiency:

Don’t settle for generic solutions. Explore how custom OHS recording software from Genolis can empower your mine to achieve peak safety and efficiency. Feel free to reach out to us on LinkedIn or via our website. Let us help you improve your performance and save costs with a bespoke software solution from Genolis.