Software Upgrade Is Crucial For Attracting Best Talents

I have noticed a new trend while responding to usual software development enquiries in the last twelve months. These enquiries were not from management or business owners but from junior or young staff members of the organisations. These young people were looking not only for better ways of doing their work but also for software that would look good too.

The new generation of workers who grew up with iPads and Play stations is no longer prepared to put up with old clunky software, spreadsheets, and paper sheets. To be satisfied with their work, young people demand better working and better-looking systems. They are becoming a considerable influence when pushing for a software upgrade.

Implementing a new software system is no longer about improving efficiency, reducing costs, or eliminating double handling. It is becoming more about a satisfied workforce and retention of young talent. Outdated though still working systems may be okay for a more senior manager but not good enough for a young one. Some managers listen to the staff and are prepared to invest in system upgrades. The bosses who continue to ignore this push risk losing young talents and will be left behind, along with those who do not care.

Oleg Genin, CEO of Genolis


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