Custom Software Development
Genolis is an established custom software development company with a 20-year-long history of transforming its clients’ businesses through continuous innovation and a forward-looking approach to building software.
Custom Software Development
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What we do
Genolis skillfully applies a broad range of the latest technologies and third-party tools to build reliable and scalable web services, cloud solutions, mobile apps, database and desktop applications. On the UI side, we use the most popular, tried-and-tested frameworks and libraries that offer the best user experience on a variety of platforms.
Here at Genolis we are firmly committed to the concepts of continuous improvement and staying agile in every aspect of our work, which enables us to keep abreast of the latest software engineering trends and offer our clients the flexibility they seek to build complex software in a constantly evolving business technology landscape.
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Custom software
development services
from Genolis
Our software engineering services can be broken down into four main categories, but we also offer a variety of other services that complement and support these four staples.
Enterprise software development
Development and implementation of functional, enterprise-level business solutions for any industry.
Cloud app development
Development of complex cloud applications and migration of legacy enterprise software to the cloud.
Database development
Design and development of modern database-driven applications for all platforms.
Data analytics and BI
Creation of powerful data analysis tools, custom reports, and fully configurable executive dashboards.
Blockchain Development
Full scale blockchain development : Smart contract , dApps, Metaverse,Asset Tokenization
Software solutions
for a connected world
Over the years, we’ve gained solid expertise in architecturing and implementing a number of popular solution types, both conventional and those that are just gaining popularity and adoption among businesses of different profiles.
CRM systems
Fully custom, industry-specific CRM systems of customized versions of popular CRM products.
ERP systems
Enterprise resource planning tools that are perfectly aligned with the specific needs of your business.
Web portals
Complex portal solutions for internal use and customer-facing portals with intuitive interfaces.
Custom .NET applications
Functional and fast .NET applications for your business, built for performance and scalability.
IoT solutions
Modern IoT solutions with powerful device management and data processing and analysis tools.
Software engineering for every industry
We offer deep expertise and extensive hands-on experience in a number of domain
areas and industries but historically place special emphasis on a few of them.
We help retrofit or completely rewrite legacy manufacturing systems and take them to the cloud for improved functionality, scalability, and interconnectivity. Modern industrial systems can be augmented with custom reporting, data analysis, inventory management, and predictive maintenance tools.
Our healthcare expertise spans a variety of application types ranging from online stores for pharmacies to medical asset tracking and inventory management solutions for clinics and hospitals. All of our medical solutions are designed and built with compliance and data integrity in mind.
We help emerging startups fulfill their mission by becoming their strategic technology partner and guiding them through the implementation phase and beyond. We offer a balanced, thoughtful approach to software development that focuses on cost-efficiency and a shorter time to market.
Our technology stack
We use a combination of time-tested and emerging technologies to implement functional and great-looking custom products that scale with your business and are easy to maintain in the future. With a number of professional certifications and partnerships under our belt, including ones from Microsoft and Amazon AWS, we always know what’s trending and have access to the latest tech from market leaders.
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Enterprise software development
Angular / React / .NET Core / ASP.NET / Node.js /Rust /Solidity
Kendo UI / Bootstrap / HTML5 / CSS / Knockout.js / AngularJS
PHP/ Laravel/ CodeIgniter/ Symfony / Yii2/
Electron / WPF / Windows Forms

Xamarin / iOS / Android / PhoneGap / Sencha Touch
Database development
MS SQL Server / PostgreSQL / MongoDB / MySQL / Oracle
SQLite / RavenDB / MS Access
Cloud app development
AWS / Asure / DevOps / SharePoint and Office 365
PowerApps / MicrosoftFlow / Cloud / On-prem
Data analytics and BI
Power BI / Tableau / SSRS / SSAS / SAP Crystal reports
What makes our custom software
development services worth every penny
Our value proposition rests on three pillars that we consider
to be the essential elements of our team’s work ethic:
Flexible data-driven architecture
We design our solutions with maximum flexibility in mind, which enables end users to make changes to the system without writing a line of code.
We are a close-knit team of professionals who value reputation above all. From the first introduction call to the final sign-off, we make our clients’ interests and objectives our number one priority.
Top-notch client support
We strive to remain our clients’ partners for years and rarely conclude our work with the last line of code written. Our technical support service has always been a distinguishing feature of Genolis.
Questions? Let’s Talk!
Our delivery process
in a nutshell
We are fully aware that not all of our customers have prior experience with ordering custom software development services and may be confused about entering into the unknown. To that end, we offer full guidance through our delivery steps and make sure that our clients have a clear picture of what lies ahead:
Requirements elaboration and business analysis
a requirements document can be provided in full by the client or produced jointly with Genolis in a series of workshops and business analysis sessions.
Preliminary estimation
based on the requirements at hand, we produce a ballpark estimate of the solution and communicate it to the client.
Detailed development proposal
if the initial estimate falls within the client’s budget, we produce a complete proposal containing detailed descriptions of the architecture, functionality, workflows, costs, timelines, and other relevant information.
at this initial stage of product development, we design UI mock-ups and prototypes that are reviewed by the client and are either accepted or modified in a series of iterations until final acceptance.
the key phase of any custom software development project, it encompasses all coding and integration activities.
several rounds of end-to-end testing are performed before the product is shipped to the client.
Deployment and user onboarding
we deploy the stabilized and tested solution to the designated production environment and initiate the acceptance procedure.
we take care of any issues with the product or its environment by releasing product patches, extensions, or applying the necessary server updates.
Going beyond custom
application development
Our service portfolio is not limited to developing custom software from scratch. Many clients turn to Genolis in order to augment their existing solutions with new business-critical features, drawing valuable insights from their business data, or keeping their systems up and running at all times.

Systems audit

We help companies preparing for M&A deals or certifications to professionally perform software quality audits to reveal security vulnerabilities, performance bottlenecks, and generally evaluate the quality of their software from various standpoints.

Legacy app migration and modernization

Our first-hand knowledge of older platforms and technologies makes us a partner of choice for the most challenging legacy software migration projects involving data conversion, recreation of business workflows, and switching from an on-prem environment to a private or public cloud.

Analytics and reporting

We assist our clients in taking their data flows under control and using them for the benefit of their business. We configure storages, set up data pipelines, implement complex automated ETL mechanisms and rules to visualize trends, anomalies, key statistics, and other valuable business insights.

Maintenance and support

We offer professional, SLA-based technical support and maintenance services for our own and third-party solutions. Our experts make sure that the client’s environment is properly configured and patched at all times, and help update the software to ensure its uninterrupted work at all times.

Genolis delivery process highlights
As a custom software development company, we prioritize several crucial aspects of the delivery process to
ensure predictably successful project outcomes, client satisfaction, and faster user adoption.
  • End-to-end testing
  • Intuitive UX/UI
  • Multi-level security
  • Process maturity and adherence to coding standards
Comprehensive QA is an integral part of our custom software development process. Every piece of code committed is tested at several levels and at each stage of the implementation phase.
Unit testing at the module/component level
Manual testing for all relevant use cases
Automated regression testing after each build
Special testing types: security/penetration testing, load testing, stress testing, integration testing, etc.
Product usability is just as important as the quality of the underlying code and business logic. Therefore, we pay utmost attention to the user-friendliness of our user interfaces and simplicity of getting things done.
No matter the purpose of the product, we work hard on making the UI as aesthetically pleasing as possible
We always go for clean, uncluttered, easy-to-follow page layouts and controls
We use modern client-side scripting libraries to implement dynamic, responsive user interfaces that work on any platform
Data security is of paramount importance in today’s interconnected world, and even more so in enterprise environments, where the cost of a data leak can be astronomical. We take care of data security using the following:
Secure, encrypted protocols for all data transactions
Multi-factor authentication mechanisms, strict security policies based on a “need-to-know” principle
Full security testing of every product, timely security patching in monitored production environments
Observance of coding best practices and industrial standards is not just good manners and style — it ensures the ease of product maintenance in the future and extends the product’s life cycle.
Regular internal code reviews conducted as part of our delivery process
Strict internal coding guidelines
Intensive vetting of third-party components for legal, security, and compatibility issues
This is what our clients say
We have worked closely with Genolis for over 3 years, in that time they have delivered numerous projects proficiently and swiftly.

It is comforting having a reliable and competent team readily available for assistance. We look forward to working with them in the future for any of our eCommerce development needs.
Marisa Lauretta
CDC | Online Digital Coordinator
We have been using Genolis for over 12 months and have nothing but complimentary words to say about their service, their people, and their skill level in developing internal applications to improve our business systems. I would recommend Genolis to any organisation who requires bespoke system development to upgrade and improve the business systems within those organisations.

They are technically strong and are proactive in their interaction with AME Systems. They are not afraid to say “that won’t work”, and offer great alternative approaches.
David Baird
AME Systems | Finance manager
During design and construction of irrigation meters on over 3,000 individual sites scattered throughout rural Victoria, we were faced with a number of challenges: standardising design criteria for individual sites, keeping track of all stages of the design process, and allowing simultaneous access to the data by multiple users while maintaining security and integrity of the data. We turned to Genolis to develop a single database that would meet all of these requirements.

Genolis provided a complete solution in record time and without interruptions to the ongoing design process, enabling us to deliver a successful project for the stakeholders.
Max Bouga
FutureFlow Alliance | Delivery Manager
To supplement a small IT team I need to be able to scale up resources quickly and efficiently with highly skilled and dedicated professionals. The Genolis team has enabled Colmar Brunton to do this for a number of important projects.
Tony Psaila
Colmar Brunton | Director of Technical Services
Over the years I have used Genolis (Formerly Unicon Software) team for the number of important projects. These guys always delivered high quality and consistent service. They have worked within the requirements and timeframes. Excellent team of professionals. Look forward to work with them on future projects.
P. Allitt
Boxhill TAFE | Business Systems Consultant
We have been using a Mobile Ordering system developed by Genolis (Formerly Unicon software) since 2005. It proves to be a great investment. On average we save 4 office hours per week per rep. Can't imagine running a sales workforce without it.
Geoff Hem
Service Station Supplies | National Sales Manager
Genolis (Formerly Unicon Software Pty Ltd) is a versatile and talented group led by Managing Director, Oleg Genin. Together they have delivered high-quality, on-time, on-budget solutions for Transform Data’s in-house development projects, targeting players in the Oil and Gas industry. Their ability to seamlessly offer a range of programming services in: .NET database development, mobile development, web design, and other cutting-edge technologies, makes them responsive and capable of solving a range of technically challenging requirements. Oleg’s leadership and ability to steer his team, combined with his experience and keen understanding of Clients requirements, make Genolis (Formerly Unicon Software Pty Ltd) a competitive, smart choice for future Clients. I would recommend Oleg and his team to any new potential Client.
Catherine Ahearne
Transform Data | Managing Director