Software Development

Software Development

We develop custom business application, design exiting products, and implement strategic solutions for web, desktop, cloud and mobile platforms

For the past 20 years we have successfully completed a large number of projects for businesses and organisations across Australia.

Our experience will turn your ideas into
effective solutions for your business

We pride ourselves in our ability to identify simplest, most effective solutions while delivering quality products. Our direct approach has enabled us to win the trust of our clients and provide continuous ongoing enhancements and solutions.

  • Proven Track Record We’ve developed business applications, robust products and strategic software systems for a diverse mix of clients and industries Australia wide.
  • Industry Recognised Microsoft Silver Competencies
  • Exceptional Support We provide ongoing support, maintenance, and hosting to ensure all of our projects continue to run efficiently and effectively at all times
  • Consultative Approach We put the interest of our customers first and ensure a range of options to choose from
  • Transparent Our customers have full visibility of work completed with access to our internal reporting and tracking systems
  • Always in Control We stay on top of projects at all times by continuously testing and communicating progress to our clients

Services we provide includes:

  • New project development
  • System support and maintenance of existing solutions
  • Application upgrades and cloud migration
  • Systems review
  • Business intelligence and reporting

Our experience includes:

  • Line of business applications and databases
  • Product development
  • Online portals
  • CRM applications
  • Intranet, extranet business applications
  • Systems integration
  • Custom eCommerce websites
  • Business mobility applications including barcoding and RFID systems
  • Online bidding and auctions

Industries we worked with includes:

  • Manufacturing
  • Health
  • Local and state government
  • Transport and logistics
  • Mining and resources
  • Education
  • Transport and logistics
  • Startups
  • Non for profit


  • Caped (preferred) This arrangement allows to set budget limit to the project. During lifecycle of the project each new feature is prioritised to ensure those with most benefits delivered first and other with less value (nice to haves) are left to the end and can be included if budget will allow.
  • Fixed price Providing project scope is clearly defined - we will provide a fixed price services This arrangement is straight forward and looks more attractive from budget prospective, but from software development perspective it not always delivers best possible results
  • Time and materials When project scope is not clear or client prefers project to be under their own project management then time and material is an option This arrangement allows best flexibility and client’s control on deliverables and technology decisions
  1. Requirements - at the beginning of each project we need to understand the requirements. There are a number of scenarios:
    • Requirements prepared by client - we will carefully examine and suggest high level road map and initial estimates
    • Client has identified the need for software , but not sure where to start – in this case we will email our requirements gathering tool which will guide the client in requirements preparation
    • We provide requirements gathering as part of the project
  2. Initial Estimation – upon analysing requirements we will provide high level (ball park estimate)
  3. Detailed proposal – once high level estimate are accepted by client we will prepare detailed proposal with accurate cost estimates
  4. Project Management – we allocate project management on each of our projects. Project management methodology will be tailored for each individual project and client requirements
  5. Design – before we start any project, we work on high level design to ensure solution meets our client needs
  6. Implementation – we use agile approach to deliver our software. This means software functionality is delivered in short stages and our clients have ability to view, test, comment and can begin to use the system before whole project is delivered.
  7. Testing – all our projects are tested internally before delivery. We use combination of automated and manual testing. User acceptance testing usually performed by the client
  8. Delivery – once all functionality has been delivered and accepted by the client we will provide hosting or installation services to ensure system is fully available for use
  9. Support – variety of support arrangements can be negotiated to suit our customer requirements

Development approach

  1. Coding Standards - genolis is developing software in a variety of platforms with its main focus on Microsoft Technologies. Regardless of development technology we always ensure our code to be:
    • Maintainable - regular code reviews, clearly defined naming conventions and easy to use internal frameworks ensure code is consistent and not repetitive through the application.
    • Reusable - extensive use of design patterns, common libraries and high quality third party components reduces development cost and time to delivery.
    • Efficient - we use a wide variety of tools and methods to ensure our applications are optimised for performance.
  2. GUI design - genolis puts particular focus on developing high quality user interfaces. The importance of user interface design has risen significantly in the last few years due to the arrival of Apple and Android products. A well designed user interface can enhance user experience and improve workplace productivity. In our projects we make user interfaces:
    • Simple and Intuitive. We simplify our user interfaces by dividing them into clear functional areas, by reducing amounts of scrolling and repetitive data entry.
    • Interactive and responsive. Using client side programming, multithreading, progress bars and notifications enables the user to have a better experience.
    • Ecstatically pleasant. We frequently use graphic designers to visually enhance our applications which make them more appealing to the users.
  3. Testing
    • Unit testing (automatic and/or manual) is always performed by genolis as part of any development iteration. A developed module is tested against requirements as a standalone unit. The developed module is also tested for adherence to genolis standards.
    • Integration testing is performed when major parts of a project are released or at the end of the project. System testing is carried out by the testing specialist against test cases prepared based on the functional specifications. System testing can also involve performance and integration testing.
    • User acceptance testing is usually performed by the customer. This stage also requires involvement of genolis’s testing and development teams. The user acceptance testing would occur before project delivery.
  4. Security - Software security is the most important part of any software product. Most new developed applications require internet access thus obligating developers to pay greater attention to security. genolis possesses significant experience in this area delivering projects for financial and law enforcement agencies. We use internal security check lists as well as external consultants to protect:
    • Data Communications - all data transferred over internet requires protection. We recommend SSL as minimal requirement for data communication protection.
    • Information storage - both database and stored information require protection against unauthorised access. Securing database server, using appropriate authentication methods and encrypting sensitive data ensures customer information is safe.
    • Application security - we examine our web application for information leakage, SQL injection, session hijacking, cross-site scripting, and cross-site request forgery. We protect information by using encryption and hashing.

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Kendo UI
Mongo DB
.Net Core
Node JS
Office 365
Power BI

Our team possesses expert level skills and experience in the following areas:

  • Web:Angular, React Js, Angular Js, Knockout Js, .Net Core, Node, ASP.Net, Kendo UI, Sencha/Ext, Bootstrap, HTML 5
  • Desktop:WPF, Windows forms
  • Mobile:Xamarin, iOS, Android, PhoneGap, Sencha Touch
  • Databases:Ms SQL Server, Raven Db, Mongo Db, MySql, SqlLite, Oracle, Ms Access
  • Cloud:Windows Azure, AWS
  • BI and Reporting:Power BI, Tableau, MS Office 365, SSRS, SSAS, SAP Crystal reports
  • SharePoint and Office 365 PowerApps, MicrosoftFlow, Online/On-premises