FREE cloud based Operations Management System for small and medim size mines - Evolution

Enterprise system to help mining sites capture, manage, and analyze data from your mining activities Unicon Mining Operations System has been developed as a cloud based solution. It provides user friendly interface which can be accessed via most internet browsers anywhere in world at any time. Our developers used the best industry practices and latest Microsoft technology to deliver reliable and scalable database system for mining industry .

Main Features

  • Cloud based
  • Highly customisable
  • Easy to use
  • Latest Technology
  • Recording of daily mining activities:
    • Production output
    • Material movements
    • Operational hours for each piece of equipment
    • Personel - working hours
    • Material destinations
  • Equipment break downs and downtimes
  • Equipment availbility
  • Daily accruals
    • Fixed equipment costs
    • Infrastructure
    • Equipment mobilisation/demobilisation
    • Spare parts
    • Fuel consumption
  • Drill and blast activities and associated costs
  • Geology - Mined materials reconciled to geology information imported from external package
  • Target management – integrated with scheduling and budgeting package Compares and analyses targets to actuals
  • Contractor management
  • Extensive reporting on costs and production

The system is easily customisable and can be tailored to your specific requirements.

OHS Risk Reporting Register

OHS Risk Reporting Register is a FREE web based system for recording, managing and reporting safety events on the mining site. The system is hosted in the cloud and accessible anywhere using the internet browser.

Using the Risk Reporting Register will immediately improve safety event reporting on your site.

Main Features

Risk Reporting Register allows tracking information about many important OHS events on the mining site. The types of information include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Incident recording
  • Hazard Card recording
  • Work place interactions registering
  • Site auditing
  • Site inspections
  • Corrective action assignment and progress tracking

The system is easily customisable and can be tailored to your specific requirements.


These are standard reports provided with the system:

  • System health check
  • Hazard Cards
  • Work place interaction
  • Incidents
  • Actions raised
  • Audits

Email Alerts

Email alerts can be setup in the system to notify assigned users based on allocated actions and on progress .


The system allows multiple security access levels.

Our Irrigation Site Design and Information system has been successfully used in two government funded multibillion dollar irrigation projects in Victoria, Australia. This system provides significant improvements to:

  • Design process standardization
  • Project progress visibility
  • Customer relationship
  • Design process integration

Main Features

This system has the following features and applications:

Fully integrated civil and hydraulic design environment for meters and regulators, which includes:

  • Automated hydraulic design calculations
  • Site information management
  • Secure design revision control
  • Standard design and custom component kits management
  • Components tracked site by site bases
  • Record design status and identify action for completions
  • TBM/Benchmark/Site level management
  • Printing signed site design sheet

Customer relationship management

  • Customer communication management
  • Land owner letters printing
  • Customer asset allocation
  • Customer contact information.

Environmental approvals management

Standardised recording of site's environmental information as well as centralized approval process:

  • Site environmental information recording
  • Review and approval of environmental information
  • Possibility for government authorities to access information for project approval
  • Site environmental sheets printing

Progress tracking

Recording main project milestones: - standardised recording of site environmental information as well as centralised approval process:

  • Design milestones
  • Comprehensive milestone related information
  • Possibility of linking milestones to different functions in application
  • Hierarchical access method to progress recordings


Comprehensive reporting is available online, and reports can be printed or exported to most standard formats. Examples of reports:

  • Progress Summary
  • Procurement Summary
  • Scope Tracking
  • Landowner Objections
  • Installation Status
  • Construction Flow

Technology architecture

  • Microsoft DotNet Windows application
  • Built using Service Oriented Architecture
  • Web based
  • Window Communication Foundation WCF
  • SQL Server database
  • High availability, scalability and security